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Learn how to make Money by selling eBooks

Here is your Step By Step Guide To Proceed

To start a business at home with less investment and huge profits, selling of resell rights products is the best option for you. You may find several opportunities in the internet to start home based business. Although it is a fairly easy process, it does need some effort and guidance to get the effective output.

This is a high profit business which has no hassles but limitless profit and earnings. One of the major advantages of resell rights products is that it doesn't need place to store and are never out of stock.

To earn the profits you don't need to travel places, but sit at one place and sell them as many times as you can, and as provided in the license.

When you buy resell rights products you get the key to unlimited profits. You have to invest once and can sell over and over again. You don't have to pay any royalties nor you have to renew your rights for every new product.

Many times e-books guarantee profits which people get taken in by and buy these e-books. Most of these books have a downloading fee, a portion of which comes to you, or you get a percentage on each sale.
The e-commerce technology has brought about a revolution in selling intangible goods on the internet, such as resale products, reprint rights, and resale rights which have become an extension of the activity itself. These intangible goods include e-books, software articles or digital art which can be purchased through credit or debit cards. These facilities have encouraged access to products through the internet. Each and every company or an individual puts in their efforts to resell products and rights.

Buying resale rights goods are a great way to start earning money through the internet, even if you don't have your own products. To make 100% profit of your resell products you should purchase those which you are interested in, and get the full master resell rights included.

Nowadays e-books are business oriented. Some of the popular topics include stock or forex trading and real estate or investments, which help you with quicker money making opportunities. Also topics such as personal transformation and growth, weight loss and fiction are also preferred by most customers, as it is convenient for them to read the information instantly rather than visit a store to buy the book or wait for its delivery.

Making money from reselling rights is quite easy by simply repackaging it; including more products and raising the value of the package, which in turn increases the price. While selling the product, you could also add an offer related to the product, to sell for an additional price.

You need to be more creative if you continue to sell tired old packages. Since you own the right, you are free to get any individual item from those packages and put them in your own creation. While repackaging the product you have to make it unique, fresh and different.

You have to target traffic to your website. You can post articles in forums or write articles linked to your website in the resource box. You can upload your product sales page and link your page to your web site. Usually the products which come with resale rights also have a designed sales page and graphics so you don't have to bother about creating a sales page of your own product.

Once you have finished uploading pages with the product to the website, you are ready to start taking orders online.

But before plunging into buying the resale rights of the product check the license agreement carefully. Resale rights vary from one product to another with different rights, terms and conditions. There may be few products in a resale rights package, which may be for personal use and not for resale at all. Be sure you do not break any of the copy right laws. So do a thorough research about the product so as to earn more profits from this current trend of business, sitting at home.

In simple terms, resale rights is the permission required from the author or owner of any book, ebook, articles, audio, video or software or any other product, which you can sell in order to make a profit. Resale rights come in different forms, which allow you to either re-sell the products only as a package or you can split the products and sell them individually. Some resale rights will not allow you to modify the product in any way whereas others can allow you to not only modify the products but also replace your name as the author. Given below are some different type of resale rights and other factors, which you ought to consider before purchasing resale rights.

Normal Resale Rights. These rights will allow your to sell the products to your clients but they will be accompanied by certain conditions or restrictions, which will need to be adhered to whenever you re-sell that product.

Master Resale Rights. This right will enable you not only to resale the product to your clients, but your clients too will have rights to re-sell it again. You can also sell the master resale rights to your clients so that the whole chain can be repeated again and again.

Private Label Rights. With this right, you can not only re-sell the product but you can also edit the contents of the product or replace the original author's name with your own and proclaim the product to be your creation.

Rebranding Resale Rights. If you have these rights, then you can substitute the author's links with your own and these rights are in addition to your normal resale rights.

There are also other factors, which need to be considered before purchasing resale rights. Some of them are explained below.

Check Out As To Who Else Is Selling The Same Product. You can go on the Internet and check out as to who else has been given the rights to sell the same product. You should also check out the type of rights, which the seller is selling along with that product and compare it with the rights that you are being offered by the owner of the product. Check out the selling rates of the product too, and the number of people selling it. Compare it with the price that you are being offered and then make a calculated decision on whether you can make a profit while competing with the others.

Check Quality Of Product. If your product contains the right knowledge that can solve the client's problems or can offer new direction to your clients, then it would be worth paying an extra price for the product. Check out the graphics, fonts and clarity of the matter, which is printed or displayed before making your decision.

So, do some detailed research on different products and check out the above points before zeroing in on any product, which catches your eye. As you gain experience, you will be able to quickly identify the right product and purchase the right resale rights.

Where You Can Find Resale Rights Products

To make money online you have two options that are easy and very affordable one is you have the option of developing your own product and offering to sell it or you can become am affiliate and sell others product for a commission. A third alternative that is even more appealing is to buy partial ownership through resell rights of existing products and sell them.

Resell rights allow you to resell an existing product. You don't have to develop a product yourself or hire someone to develop it for you. The product is ready all you have to do is buy the resell rights and resell the products and make money.

Products such as ebooks were initially sold online. However, today software, audio and video are also sold online and have a higher tech appeal, they are also much in demand compared to ebooks. Reselling software application products is also very lucrative as people are constantly looking for ways to enhance their performance and efficiency.

If this has got you interested and want to start earning profits by reselling products you need to know where you can get resell rights to products.

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What You Need To Know Before You Decide To Purchase Resale Rights

People tend to fall for purchase of resale rights of products with not very good resale value. They often end up paying more and earning less. This may be because these products have been around for long going from one reseller to another. They may not be in demand anymore. There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to purchase resale products.

Find out when the product was published: Products and techniques are regularly improved. It often happens that the same product has been circulated over a long time. It is better to find out when the product was first published and for how long it has been around. Generally if it is more than a year old, it is best not to purchase the resale rights.

Check out the competition: If the products and techniques are common then you will have a major number of people selling the same product. You need to check out the competition, which can be the deciding factor in the success of your resale of the product. Though you may get many visitors, the buyer will buy only when he is assured of your uniqueness in resale of the item.

The product price: The price of a digital product is decided by the quality of the product. A good quality product even if priced very high may sell very well, whereas one of a low quality and a lower price may not sell at all. You will find similar types of product prices anywhere from say $25 to $50 or you may find some priced at $150. A comparison between the quality of the two will show you that the one priced higher may be of a better quality and has thus been selling well for some time now. Though high price is not the criteria, neither is it a barrier to selling good quality products at prices higher than others.

Is the product suited to the needs of the customers: As is the case with the over-the-counter products, which sell if they suit the needs of customers, so also does a resale product need to suit the needs of its customers. The product should give complete customer satisfaction and the quality should be of high relevance.

A product with a marketing package: Check if the product comes with a marketing package that may be of great assistance to you. Getting the readymade sales pages and graphics will make it easier for you to design a plan around it and sell the product. The advantage of this is that you can get the resale rights and start off pretty fast with these readily available to you.

At the same time you should also be aware of the various types of resale rights and based upon what seems the most plausible option for you, you may opt accordingly.

Setting Up an Online Store to Sell Resale Rights Products

Much like an offline business you need to set up an online store to market all the products you have. You have products with resell rights, partial resell rights, private label rights, master resell rights etc. now you need to do a few basic things to get your business rolling.

The first thing that you are going to need is a website with your very own domain name. Think hard and come up with a name that is related to the business you are going to conduct. A short and interesting name would be ideal. If your domain name has the keywords that reflect the niche of your business then it would be an another plus. Select .com or .net as the attachment so as to indicate that your website is business related. After deciding on the name type the name and see if the name is available in case it is then register it with the registration sites.

After this is done you need to find a good hosting service that will host your website and make it available on the Internet. It is advisable that you use the paid hosting service as the free ones may not be reliable and they may be overloaded. Make sure the hosting service has a good bandwidth.

Get a good web designer to design a simple yet attractive web page. The design should catch the readers attention and be easy to navigate. Most digital products are sold via the sales page and the sales letter page which entices the reader to click on the "buy now" button or link. Pay more attention to your website content than the design, as content is going to bring in the traffic and not the design. Make sure your content is rich with keywords related to your business. Once this is done you need to pay attention to making a sales page and a thank you page. Include the advertisements you wish to have on your website.

The website should clearly indicate the mode of payment you prefer. The online business is usually conducted with the help of a payment processing firms. Look for processors that are reliable and charge reasonably. The payment processors should be able to handle all types of payments such as check, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Not all visitors are going to buy your product on their first visit, so it is recommended that you have a autoresponder system in place, this software will collect all the email addresses and as per your setting send reminders, new product offers, discount offers, one time offer, etc to all who are on your mailing list.

Make arrangements for your product to be securely delivered to your customers. This can be done by signing up with an online digital delivery system.

How To Set Prices For Products With Resell Rights

In the virtual capitalist market, there are no restrictions as to what prices can be set by you for selling your products with resell rights. The pricing, however, has to be just right to entice your clients to buy your products on one hand while you reap in the profits from those sales on the other.

Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so too will the perceived value of your products along with the resell rights lie in the eyes of your potential client. Your client will be thinking about his/her profits after observing your offer. There are different types of resell rights, which you can sell along with your products. There are private label rights, which are the costliest rights, followed by master resell rights, and the most basic are the basic resell rights. You can either bundle your product's price along with the resell rights rates or you can even set a separate price for your product and different prices for your different resale rights. That would also benefit your clients since they would now have a choice of buying your product along with the resell rights of their choice.

Pricing is critical when selling a product since pricing it too low might not necessary result in higher sales but in fact might be perceived by your would-be clients as trash or a outdated product. Again, putting too high a price on your product might take it out of reach of many of your intended clientèle and would result in low sales. So, attaching a reasonable price tag to your product could be the best way out. To get a feel of the reasonable rate, you could try asking a few of your friends or even total strangers as to what they think would be a price, which they would be willing to pay for the product along with different resell rights. Try a little test marketing before going in for an all out sale. If it is ebooks that you plan to sell, then pass a few to your select friends and get their review first. This will give you an accurate idea as to the range in which you could price your product. It would be better too, if your clients maintain a decent profit margin when they resell your product instead of just trying to dump it on the market with a ridiculously low profit margin. This will devalue your product and also put a halt to future sales of that product. However, if all goes well and your clients are sensible enough to add a decent profit margin, then your product could literally start flying off those virtual shelves. This could not only result in healthy sales and margins but could also have a positive impact on your future sales since your clients would definitely like to repeat the same experience with you in the future.

Thus if the profit chain continues down to the last level, then everyone could be in a win-win situation and especially you, who could be sitting on top of the product chain and really reap the profits.

The Advantages Of Selling Resale Rights Products

Professional Sales copy: One major advantage of resale rights products is that, if you have bought the private label rights you get the marketing content like the sales letter which can be edited. The sales letters are created by professionals and are effective. You can make some modifications or prepare your own sales letter based on this guideline. This allows you to present yourself professionally as well as save time on a completely new creation.

Effective graphics: Such private label rights products also come with the graphics content which can be used in your campaign plans. You can thus remain on the same lines of the product idea and add a few things to it to make it unique. You save time on developing new graphics using expensive technologies like Photoshop and Fireworks. If your home product requires multiple products in a variety of niche, then there are multiple versions of graphics to utilize for your product.

No coding required: These products also come with some basic websites. You can utilize the websites by adding few headers and footers or make a few modifications. You need not create an entire HTML code for the website. You can make the changes and host the site.

Advantageous for those who want to sell own products: Some people who want to market and sell their own product, but they may not posses the adequate skills or may not have the time to put in the best efforts. For such people, resale rights products are useful because they bring in substantial profits.

All profits for yourself: With the ever growing market you have the opportunity to sell large amounts and earn lots of profits to be retained by you. You would be paying a certain amount initially to the original seller for the product, but you can make your own modifications so that you can set a price which can give you large amounts of profits.

Due to the limited amount of investment, it proves to be a very good home based business.

The Answer To All Your Website Traffic Woes

Increasing the flow of traffic for your new website is the most important task that needs your immediate attention. If your site is not attracting sufficient traffic then it is going to be very difficult to survive in the online business scene. You need to draw traffic to your website as only then the odds of visitors converting to actual customers increase. Getting targeted traffic directed to your website does not need complex strategies. However, what it needs is imagination and sincere efforts combined with lots of patience.

The first step you need to do is to submit your website to the search engines. Once listed on the search engines you can look forward to some traffic whenever someone searches for a product or service in which you hold a niche. Search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo are the most popular search engines today.

The next important thing you need to do is increase the number of links that lead to your website. Link building can be done in several ways one popular and easy method is to place your email signature in your email so whenever you send a mail the link appears at the bottom of the mail. You may also carry out a campaign to place your link on popular websites for a limited period on a reciprocal basis. Find out websites that attract huge volumes of traffic and are not in direct competition with you, approach them and offer to have their link on your website in return for having your link on theirs. Since popular websites attract a large volume of traffic visitors visiting that site also visit your website by clicking on your links.

Another great way to increase traffic is by writing unique and informative articles and placing them all over the Internet, place the articles at as many article directories as possible. Make sure the content you put in them is unique, informative, and well written with no spelling and grammar errors. Write a short bio and your website address at the end of each article.

Hire a professional website designer and make your website user friendly and easy to navigate. You may also use the services of an expert SEO to get your website search engine optimized. This is achieved by adding keywords to your website content. Make sure all the content on your website is keyword and keyphrase rich.

You can also use blogs to generate traffic to your website, put your website address in every stationary that you use such as cards, business cards, letter heads, etc.

Follow these simple methods and increase traffic to your website once you establish yourself, you may try out other techniques to further boost the targeted traffic.

Learn To Market Your Resale Rights Products Like A Pro

Selling resales rights products is a good way to earn money, but the trick is to get customers to come to you or at least your Website to check out the facts and maybe buy your products along with the matching resale rights.

What is important to note here is that the value of the package is not as important as the total sales and profit that can generate if your have marketed your product aggressively. Since the profit margin might not be very high, you will need to sell your resale rights products like a pro in order to not only recover your investment in that product but also make killer profits. The first thing to do is to advertise your product in an innovative and aggressive way. Even if the product rate is not high, turn the lower price into an advertising strategy and go all out. Create a buzz around the product and make your potential clients sit up and take notice. You should also send out blogs about the product, write articles associated to that product and post it on various ezine sites. You can also advertise through Google Adwords, which will display your advertisements specifically to those interested in similar products. Your Website too should promote your product in an informative way. The benefits for clients buying your products with the resale rights should be explained in detail. Check out on as to how your competitors are selling the same product and try to go one up over those advertisements.

Your website should also contain the proper key words so that your name pops on the first page of every related search. On your Website, you can arrange for a short video demo of your product or in case you are selling ebooks, then you could print an interesting paragraph on your Website so that people can look at the sample before deciding. You can also advertise on various free classified sites, which are present online. Along with your products and their resale rights, you can also offer a free gift or another ebook or an earticle or even a monthly or weekly subscription of an earticle to to your clients. This will ensure that your name stays in their inbox on a regular basis even after your sale is complete. You can even hold an online competition in which you can ask questions related to your product and keep various prizes for the winners. All these methods will result in your name and product achieving a high level of visibility and will help in increasing your sales. Your marketing strategy should be unique, eye catching but not very heavy on your pocket. Make an all-inclusive package of your product along with the resale rights and offer a special discount on that offer. Alternatively, you can also offer your product separately along with different resale rights such as basic, master and private label rights provided you are authorized to do so. This will provide a wider choice to your clients and increase the chances of selling your product under different resale rights.

So, focusing on various aspects of marketing your products irrespective of the value of your products, can result in a high volume of sales and the above steps will teach you to market your resale rights products like a pro in no time.

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